Driving through Amarillo seems to be a necessary evil to get to other places.  Right?  I have always heard that so I decided it’s time to find out more about Amarillo or The Yellow Rose of Texas!


Silo city…


There are 14 million acres of agricultural land surrounding Amarillo!  The crops are wheat, corn, cotton, hay, sorghum and soybeans.  I finally had to stop counting silos.




More visible than the silos are the thousands of GIANT 300′ tall wind turbines that dot the landscape for MILES!  100′ blades supporting the generation of wind-powered electricity.

Amarillo is home to The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum.  And I love horses!



horse strawfly special

These are two very special Quarter horses … the very first registered Quarter Horse “Wimpy P-1” (1937) and one of the 2017 inductees, Strawfly Special.

Cadillac Ranch…..



Amarillo has a very unusual ranch, the Cadillac Ranch.  I see someone else from Louisiana made the trip.  LOL.  You just walk up and paint whatever you choose on the Caddys.

………..a few other interesting things …. Amarillo has been called  “Bomb City” because it is home to the Pantex Plant, a nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility.

Amarillo once had the largest and most productive Helium field in the world.  Amarillo holds massive helium reserves in giant natural underground caverns called “Cliffside Field.”  Over a billion cubic meters!

Amarillo is home to one of the largest meat-packing areas in the U.S. and also has several state of the art dairies for milk production.

So Amarillo may not be the prettiest town around, but it isn’t just a drive to get to someplace else either.  It is a robust community, alive and well.

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