We came to Wyoming for George’s work.  He is a System Analyst for the AF and works with Security Forces.  We setup our trailer on the Camp Guernsey main cantonment area.  Full hookups for $4 a night!

Camp Guernsey is a Joint Training Center owned by the state of Wyoming, but has many different customers that include U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps, law enforcement agencies, the Civil Air Patrol, the Boy Scouts of America, and foreign military personnel.

It controls a combined area of over 80,000 acres of maneuver area, training ranges, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Global Strike Command’s 620th Nuclear Security Combat Training Center at Camp Guernsey, Wyo., provides advanced tactics and marksmanship training for security forces members who guard and secure the Air Force’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile force.

Established by the Wyoming Army National Guard Camp in 1940, the Camp Guernsey Cantonment Area has many historic old buildings still in use today.  There is also a C-17 capable airfield.


Entrance to the North Training Area of over 50,000 acres of fire and maneuver areas, artillery use; aerial bombing; and dedicated firing ranges for small arms, heavy weapons; live-fire convoy routes (this and all of the above are public information).


A convoy on the South Range Training Area practicing breaching maneuvers of a vehicle carrying a mock nuclear payload.  I can go to the ranges with George to watch the exercises.  I find very interesting, especially since I spent nearly 24 years working military aircraft simulators.


A “sniper” on the South Range.


There are two log cabins on the South Range that are managed by the billeting office.  For $40 per night, we can stay at either cabin.  Called Grey Rocks Ranch (over 22,000 acres), the Wyoming National Guard purchased the ranch in 2006 and added it to the land already owned and used for military training.  Grey Rocks is remote, but beautiful.



And last but not least, our $4 a night home on the Camp Guernsey Cantonment Area!



Camp Guernsey.  Copy and paste URL:





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