According to Forbes Magazine, Casper is the 8th BEST city in the nation to raise a family.  Well that meant we had to go visit, and also make a few stops along the way!


Half way between Casper and Guernsey is Ayres Natural Bridge.  Indians believed the natural bridge was an evil place.  Travelers along the trails heading west used the bridge as a place to hide from Indian attacks.  It is a beautiful natural bridge of limestone carved away by LaPrele Creek.


The limestone bridge is huge!  Diane is standing under the bridge below.  George is standing much farther away from it in the picture above.  Notice the little bench off to the right.


Someone had placed this cute wooden owl in a gnarled old cottonwood tree.

We stopped at a buffalo ranch on the road leading up to Ayres Bridge.  The buffalo calves looked like cow calves.  The buffalos look like gentle giants.



We wanted to hike Bridle Falls so we headed up to the trailhead at Rotary Park.


Bridle Falls is pretty and the coolness of the surrounding air was nice!  We started hiking at 6370′.


Gracie enjoyed the hike.  We made sure she didn’t overdo it as she wanted to go go go.  Whoa Gracie!

Pretty view of Casper down in the valley.



We went to the downtown area of Casper to visit Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters.  Great store!  And to see its perfectly ok to drive and park your ATV downtown.  We saw three using parking spaces in an hour.  LOL.



On the way back to Guernsey I took this picture of the sandstone hills about 45 minutes south of Casper.  I’ve never seen so much changing landscape.


We finished up the weekend with a nice Mother’s Day Brunch at Miners and Stockmen’s Steakhouse.


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